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The minimum order is one Drinking Bird.


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General Hints and Tips :

- For the common "Classic" drinking bird, If you put a few large coins in a little pile between the bird's legs, this will make it more stable and less likely to fall over and break.
- The birds with red fluid inside are more traditional, but be warned that this does fade in sunlight. The blue liquid is less prone to fading.
- If the plastic legs are slightly bowed in or out when you receive the bird, the "pivot" may stick slightly and the bird will not swing back and forth as freely as it should. It is possible to bend the legs inwards or outwards slightly, but take care not to break them. The best technique is to squeeze them in or out and gently warm the plastic with a hair dryer. This will soften it slightly and help to make the adjustment permanent, but take care as too much heat will completely melt the plastic.



My bird doesn't drink - it stays upright.

Have you fully wetted just the head part ? The rest of the bird must remain dry.
Does the liquid rise up the tube ? If not, the bird may have a broken seal or be defective. If it does, then try gently wriggling the metal pivot slightly downwards towards the body, and test the bird again. If it swings towards the water and stays there, you have gone too far.



My bird drinks very slowly.

Make sure that the head part is fully wetted and that the rest of the body is completely dry.
Try gently wriggling the metal pivot slightly downwards towards the body, and test the bird again. If it swings towards the water and stays there, you have gone too far.



My bird swings backwards and bangs it's head on the ground.

Gently bend the metal pivot so that the bird's body is very slightly further forwards towards the glass (when upright) as if by "pushing on the bird's back". At this stage, don't slide the body up or down in the pivot.



My bird hits its body on the glass.
Avoid using a glass which is narrower at the top than the bottom. If possible, use a glass which is wider at the top.
Keep the bird as far away from the glass as possible, providing its beak does not interfere with the side of the glass.
If this fails,  gently bend the metal pivot so that the bird is very slightly further forwards towards the glass (when upright) as if by "pushing on the bird's back". Don't slide the body up or down in the pivot. This should make the bird tend to lean forward further and swing back less.



My bird dips into the glass of water then stays there.

When the bird dips into the water, it should not go further than the main glass tube being horizontal (i.e. tube must not be lower at the head end), otherwise the liquid can get "stuck" in the head bulb and prevent it from returning. If it does go further than horizontal , see (a) below, otherwise see (b)
(a) Bird dips beyond horizontal : Where the metal pivot meets the plastic legs, there is a small plastic lug or "stopper" moulded on to the legs, just on one side. This is designed to prevent the bird from dipping too deep. An enlarged portion of the flat part of the metal pivot is supposed to hit this plastic lug and prevent the bird leaning too far. Try gripping the flat part of the metal pivot (on the relevant side) firmly with pliers, then leaning the bird back slightly so that the metal pivot becomes very slightly twisted. This can do the trick.
Note that the depth to which the bird "dips" should be limited by this stopper, not by it hitting the glass of water, as this can cause damage.
(b) Bird does not dip beyond horizontal : Try gently wriggling the metal pivot slightly upwards towards the head, and test it again.



My bird stops drinking after a while.

Is the head staying wet ? Ideally, the beak should just touch the surface of the water on each dip. If this is not right, try adjusting the water height. If the bird dips too deep, the head can get too wet, resulting in water dribbling down to the body. This stops it working. If water persists in dribbling down to the body, try polishing the glass tube with some silicone polish which can help repel the water.



I have broken my drinking bird and it has stained something.

Unfortunately, most of the "drinking birds" contain Methylene Chloride, also known as Dichloromethane. This just happens to be a chemical used in paint stripper! It will badly damage paintwork and most plastics. Sorry, but once the damage has been done, there isn't much that you can do. Avoid the problem by treating your bird very gently, and don't let young children or pets near it.  Please heed the WARNING not to be handled by anyone under the age of eight years old.




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